READ FIRST: Common solutions (Installation, Infections, etc. )

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Installation, Uninstallation, malfunction

Infections (virus, trojan, pop-ups, browser hijacks etc)

Deepguard (F-Secure's application monitor)

Verifying that the protection works


Documentation & information

Getting help from the community

  • Ask A Question: Please try to describe the problem in detail and provide information about what F-Secure product and version you have. And OS(Operating System) and version

Contact support

Please suggest other issues/links I can add to this list and I will update this post.


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    Great piece of work, Nik!  Have a Kudos!  hatoff.gif

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    Thanks for this, NikK, simply brilliant! (I shoulda done one of these long ago Smiley Embarassed)


    I've floated this and removed some of the redundant stickies.  I've modified the Subject to include a few useful words, hope you don't mind Smiley Wink

  • NikK
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    Thanks Chrissy! 


    Not at all, the new subject is MUCH better!! Smiley Very Happy

  • myipad
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    Installed F-Secure Internet Security on my primary Mac Air. I then followed the instructions to install it on my wife's Ipad. Problem: It installed on the latter as a 30-day trial rather than as one of 3 machines covered by my one-year contract. I did identify the Ipad using my original user name and password, so it should have worked. What now?

    B. Fichelson

  • bryan441
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    Thanks, NikK. I was facing problems being the Administrator in my windows 8. Got the solution from you. Thanks again.

    Bryan Anderson

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