F-Secure Internet Security: withsecure plugin hosting service - High CPU & memory usage

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Hi, I have been having performance issues with my new Lenovo laptop which has quite high-specs for my work (11th gen i7 - 16GB RAM) but since using F-Secure Internet Security I have been having constant performance issues linked mainly to the Windows Service " withsecure plugin hosting service" which consumes an incredibly high amount of CPU and memory pretty much crashing my computer.

There is NO scheduled scan (actually I have disabled it) and I have changed the settings to ensure that F-Secure runs in the less possible occasions but still, this issue is still happening and the only solution that I have is to switch-off my laptop (not even a restart sometimes will help).

I have seen a number of articles online highlighting this same issue, but I couldn't find an answer yet, so any help is more than welcomed!


F-Secure Internet Security 18.5 with the latest updates

Windows 10 Home Version 22H2 (latest with all current updates)

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