F-Secure IS high RAM usage

Hello. My F-Secure IS program use ~ 200MB my RAM. Is it normal memory consumption?


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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I think that it can be normal. But the proper answer should be based on all other information.


    For example, my result (on current minute):

    • F-Secure Host Process                                      23,0 MB
    • F-Secure Host Process                                      0,6 MB
    • F-Secure Host Process                                      0,1 MB
    • F-Secure Host Process (32bit)                        38,9 MB
    • F-Secure Host Process (32bit)                        10,7 MB
    • F-Secure Host Process (32bit)                        1,9 MB
    • F-Secure ORSP Service 32-bit (Release)     11,6 MB
    • F-Secure Pisced Hoster x64                            0,1 MB

    System up-time is 26 hours and  two browsers with thirty tabs are opened (five on one and twenty five on another). Filesystem is not used (actively) on current minute.

    During load - F-Secure should to scan and analysing (real-time scanning), there is also web traffic scanning and all other set of features. From time to time - updates are received (database signatures / other). Different applications in use and so on. Thus, RAM usage can be with changes dynamically.


    You could also try to restart system - for sure. What if there is a stuck or something like this and unexpected RAM usage.

    In general, system requirements for F-Secure Internet Security:

    Memory requirements: 1GB or more




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