F-secure applikaatiota ei saa suljettua MacOs:lla / F-secure app cannot be closed on MacOs

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Vaihdoin Freedomesta F-secure-appiin MacOS:llä.

Ongelma on että applikaatiota ei saa suljettua. Freedomessa yläpalkin (menu bar) oikealla olevassa kuvakkeessa olevassa dropmenussa oli sulje-valikko jolla Freedomen sai suljettua. F-secure-apissa tätä ei ole.

F-securen vasemmalla olevassa valikosta voi valita Lopeta F-secure Cmd+Q mutta tuo sulkee vain F-secure ikkunan ja yläpalkin (menu bar) ohjelma jää silti päälle. Lisäksi katsomalla järjestelmänvalvonnasta F-secure pitää päällä erilaisia fsc* daemoneja vaikka valitsin "lopeta F-secure Cmd+Q". Eli ainoa tapa kytkeä koko F-secure appi edes hetkellisesti pois päältä on poistaa koko applikaation asennus.

Lisäksi F-secure-appi käynnistyy automaattisesti koneen käynnistyksessä. Freedomessa oli valikko jolla tuon automaattikäynnistyksen sai kytkettyä päälle tai pois.

Toivoisin että korjaisitte nämä puutteet seuraavaan päivitykseen. Koska freedomessa nämä ominaisuudet jo olivat, tämän pitäisi lienee olla melko yksinkertaista. Testasin vain MacOS:lla, en tiedä onko Windows-versiossa sama ongelma.

Ja sama englanniksi:

I switched from Freedome to the F-secure app on MacOS.

The problem is that the application cannot be closed. In Freedome, the drop menu in the icon on the right of the top bar (menu bar) had a "close menu", with which Freedome could be closed. F-secure does not have this.

From the F-secure application menu (left side), you can select "Close F-secure Cmd+Q", but that only closes the F-secure window and the top bar (menu bar) program still remains on. Also, looking in system administration, F-secure keeps various fsc* daemons running even when I closed "F-secure Cmd+Q". So the only way to turn off the entire F-secure app, even momentarily, is to uninstall the entire application.

In addition, the F-secure app starts automatically on restart. Freedome had a menu where you could turn the automatic start on or off.

I would hope that you would fix these shortcomings in the next update. Since Freedome already had these features, this should probably be quite simple. I only tested on MacOS, I don't know if the Windows version has the same problem.


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    Which OS version do you have on your Mac, is it Sonoma? If so, could you check if the F-secure app is able to update its security definitions in the Settings?

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    Thanks kewpie, good to know that it's not just my computer but a more widespread problem.

    Larynx, good point about the settings:

    I have MacOS Monterey

    F-secure app does connect to VPN and the security definitions say Updated (Päivitetty) with a green dot after installation. But the dates on last update say 1.1.1970 which doesn't seem good. Manually clicking the "Tarkista nyt" button gets stuck on blue, but pinging the Update server (guts2.f-sos.net) via Terminal works.

    That said, one should be able to close and quit the program regardless of connection to Security Cloud.

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    Oh right. Thanks for this Larynx. Yeah seems that the macOS version of the F-secure app needs a lot of work. Looks indeed that it doesn't work properly on any of the supported macOS versions, new or old.

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    Hello @paiddome

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community. Thank you for your post.

    Could you please let us know which F-Secure product you are using? Do you have the Privacy VPN feature only, or is it together with Viruses & Threats?

    Additionally, I'd like to inform you about the issue with the database update showing 1970. We are currently testing a fix and will release it soon. However, please be assured that this issue does not degrade the protection provided by the product.

    For more details, please visit this link.

    Thank you, and have a good day.

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    I have the same/similar problem. I have the Privacy VPN (Version 19.5 (61616)), and most of the time (for weeks now) it doesn't work. It just shows a sign for "Updating protection. This can take a few minutes." When the VPN occasionally goes on, it soon drops the connection for hours/days.

    Can't even force quit the app (from Activity Monitor) and restarting the computer doesn't make a difference. Is there a fix coming?

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    Hello @petersa

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community. Thank you for your comment.

    Could you please share which macOS version you are currently using? Ensuring that your macOS is up-to-date is crucial. You can easily check for updates by visiting this link.

    Following the update, kindly reboot your machine and verify the status of the issue. Should the problem persist, we recommend using our uninstallation tool, which you can access through this guide.

    Once you've completed these steps, please inform us of the outcome. If the issue continues, we kindly ask for your assistance in providing log files to aid our investigation.

    We eagerly await your response and are here to assist you further.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Have a wonderful day ahead.