F-secure for mac: Update never completes

kewpie Posts: 3 Observer

F-secure version: 19.6 (61923)

macOS version: Sonoma 14.4.1

I recently installed F-secure because support for Freedome VPN is ending soon. The installation ran without problems and the VPN seems to be working.

However, when I check for updates under Settings > Updates > Check Now the app gets stuck on "Updating" and it never finishes. Another weird thing is that the dates of the last and next update checks do not make sense.



  • Larynx
    Larynx Posts: 28 Enthusiast

    I have the same problem on my Macbook Air with Sonoma. No luck so far. Here's my thread:

  • Bosse13
    Bosse13 Posts: 2 Observer

    Have the same problem. Extremely frustrating!

  • H_Cq
    H_Cq Posts: 1 New Member

    Same here on all Mac devices.
    Switching countries from the menu bar disappeared as well with this "new" app.

    We are being pushed towards a half-baked app. I really hope things improve soon because I get the feeling that we're using a beta version right now, and that is not something I want from a VPN service I pay for!

  • PawełP
    PawełP Posts: 228 Moderator

    Hello @Larynx, @Bosse13 & @H_Cq

    Thank you for your comments.
    Our technicians have already located the problem and prepared a solution. It has already been implemented in the version available to all users.
    Thank you very much for your patience and for bringing the problem to our attention.

    Best regards.


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