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Add the ability to NOT allow F-Secure to make pop-ups for ANY reason. Most notably for 'Browser Protection'

Like many others I constantly get Pop-ups for browser protection even when I press 'Don't ask again.' In other threads, agents suggest it has been fixed in an update, but the feature must not have taken affect for some people, and they suggested to reinstall. I've re-installed as clean as possible on multiple computers and they all still have the issue.

I find hard to believe that it is common for features to not take effect. If it were any other feature, that could be an incredible security issue and make your software completely unreliable, as you wouldn't know if the updates actually took affect.

So to avoid any other BS excuses, just remove pop-ups all together.

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  • Ukko
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    Add the ability to NOT allow F-Secure to make pop-ups for ANY reason.


    just remove pop-ups all together.

    What is an alternative way to inform user about something (in general, something that requires his interaction : so, to make a decision)?

    animated tray-logo, changed tray-logo with any 'symbol'. Nothing at all and consider that it can be "clear" if the user ever opens the user interface?

    if to inform user in an alternative way - how to guide him about 'how to do it'? or how long ago something went wrong.

    Or are you more about an "option" that would dismiss (by the user's choice and somewhat like 'checkbox') any notifications about anything in "critical" situations or requiring the attention or decision of the user (which is part of the current design). If so, is it good? After all, then "something" will never become known to the user. Or is there some alternative for his notification and that it attracts attention (and does not annoy)?


    If "don't ask again" will work as expected - then maybe there is no particular problem? In your situation (looking at the answer in the topic) - there may be such a "appearance" of the prompt due to the use of multiple profiles in the browser (or something that may break/change 'known' browser state for F-Secure SAFE understanding).

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    Hello @DanTM

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community page. Thank you for your post.

    I believe it answered in your post Browser Protection Pop-ups — F-Secure Community

    To dismiss the notification, you can follow this link https://community.f-secure.com/en/discussion/125242/how-to-turn-off-secure-browsings-notifications

    And the notification that keeps popping up can be caused if you have multiple profiles on your browsers as mentioned by @Ukko https://community.f-secure.com/en/discussion/125585/disabling-the-nagging-reminder-to-install-the-browser-extension

    Thank you and have a good day.