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Hello F Secure,

I get a reminder to install the Chrome browser extension almost everytime I switch to Chrome from another app. I don't want to install the extension because it blocks sites I do not consider unsafe.

I have attempted to Dismiss the reminder, including checking the "Don't remind me again" box, but the reminder keeps popping up.

I see this reminder 10+ times per day.

Is there a way to regedit my way out of this reminder? I'm very tempted to uninstall F-Secure...


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  • Ville
    Ville Posts: 692 F-Secure Product Expert
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    The product should remember your decision unless it detects that extension is installed and then uninstalled. So something makes it think you install and uninstall extension every time.

    Do you use multiple copies of Chrome? Do you have multiple profiles in Chrome? Do any of them have the extension installed while others do not?


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  • BChen
    BChen Posts: 2 Observer
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    Good call, Ville.

    I run 2 profiles of Chrome, one personal, one for work. It turns out I had the extension enabled for one of the profiles. When I disabled it, the pop-up went away. Problem solved.

    Thanks for your help.


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