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Like many others I constantly get Pop-ups for browser protection even when I press 'Don't ask again.' In other threads, agents suggest it has been fixed in an update, but the feature must not have taken affect for some people, and they suggested to reinstall. I've re-installed as clean as possible on multiple computers and they all still have the issue.

I find hard to believe that it is common for features to not take effect. If it were any other feature, that could be an incredible security issue and make your software completely unreliable, as you wouldn't know if the updates actually took effect.

Are there any solutions, or is this just another piece of spam-ware?

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    If you have multiple profiles in the browser, make sure all the profiles have the extensions in the same state, so either installer for all profiles or not installed for all profiles.

    The suggestion resets itself when it detects that it's installed and then starts from beginning if it becomes uninstalled. This basically can happen by switching profiles, so it looks like "Don't ask again" has no effect.


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