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This post was deleted by the author due to the fact he based a complaint upon information he had completely misread.



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    Sorry for my reply. I am also only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Just as my own feelings about your experience: it is, of course, not nice situation at all.

    Also, it is a little be unclear. Does your experience was about try to first time use "Virgin Media" promotion? If so - I think that maybe trouble is based on requirement to create "fresh" F-Secure account rather than try to renew it under your existed account.

    Thus, for "£25" as Virgin Media customer - need to register F-Secure Account from certain promo page and to receive such renewal price for further time. But I am not sure what and how Virgin Media offers it. Maybe special renewal discount was applied to existed subscription too. If so - maybe something goes wrong.


    But.... in addition, such trouble with 'renewal price' (Virgin Media) is occurred frequently. But it is also clear that there are steps to renew it with expected price!

    Some examples of topics (with common suggestions, with good results and with not good results):

    As my own conclusion - good to keep try contact Support Channel (F-Secure or Virgin Media) and ask for advice. Otherwise - to doublecheck that 'renewal'-steps are completed as with Virgin Media instruction to renew. I am not sure why price is 'jumping' - but maybe some required data to process renewal price as Virgin Media promo goes be broken (and then maybe browser's cache).


    support, but there IS NO F-SECURE SUPPORT! There's a FAQ, a Forum and then Call and Chat options that are only available at awkward times

    I feel that Chat is option; because chat is available at 'unexpected' time too (hour is not listed for your local time as 'workhour').


    For example, possible to check availability at home_global and your local website:

    Or to try visit page with your 'free' hours. What if chat is available! For example, on current minute - both URLs with available chat.

    In addition, after chat discussion -> possible to switch communication to mail-letters (thus, required to catch chat only once).

    I feel that only Support-channel with abilities to sort out situation (as your one after all steps). My own experience about Chat - its availability is not always "suitable" for me - but after some tries - I found hour when chat is available and I do able to use it.



  • This post was deleted by the author due to the fact he based a complaint upon information he had completely misread.

  • Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me. I didn't think of that. That maybe what is happening is because the offer was for someone who would be newly creating an account. To be honest a lot of things get on top of me personally and it gets to a point where i start getting paranoid and anxious and feel like I am being attacked. It seems to happen a lot. It is actually embarrassing to admit publicly but I have been diagnosed with suffering from depression and anxiety, so sometimes maybe what happens is that I totally overreact to situations that I don't need to do that with. Also because of the way that is for me it means that anything that is complicated for me beomes overwhelming. So I cannot entirely take in what you are saying in your message. I feel lke you are trying to help though and that is a good thing. Maybe it was all a misunderstanding. But either way it is not something I know how to deal with and I cannot cope with having to do any more research or information gathering . I will just have to go with what is the thing I can most cope with.


  • This post was deleted by the author due to the fact he based a complaint upon information he had completely misread.

  • This post was deleted by the author due to the fact he based a complaint upon information he had completely misread.

  • This post was deleted by the author due to the fact he based a complaint upon information he had completely misread.

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    Sorry again for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    I was offered a year's subscription for 5 devices for £25. When I followed that link,to pay £25, gong to my F-Secure/Virgin account page I was invoiced £44. 
    I have posted screenshots of the email and the advert that showed that offer in this thread should anyone need confirmation of that.


    As it is suggested by F-Secure Staff's reply:

    Likely that it seems kind of misunderstanding indeed. While offer is about example for "one year / certain price|£25|"-package >>> but requested ""£44""-price is about two years package ("certain price"|£25|+"certain price"|£25| with extra discount). Just because(?) your current subscripton is pinned to "two years" - thus, renewal is 'jumped' to two year count for renewal it with promo price.

    Such state is also visible under your screenshots (probably). But two strange points for me:

    -- all of your previous prices (Billing History) are "£44" too (already).

    -- not visibile does your try to renew it (20.11.2018) is about two years subscription (what is expected).


    And would you like to renew it for one year or for two years (as before)?

    Based on this - maybe possible to talk with Support Agent further and to explain your concern (that you want to receive "£25 | one year | five devices"-subscription; OR that "£44 | two years | five devices"-subscription is OK and just to clarify if it is valid state).


    Sorry for my English.



  • I have just realised I have made a terrible error. That my suibscription is for 2 years not 1. I have to apologise to F-Secure and to anyone who has had to deal with reading my posts.

    The only thing I can say in my defense is that I am under a lot of stress


    If anyone can tell me how please could you show me how I can delete these forum posts.


    I will in fact now renew my subscription to F-Secure.

    Once again, apoligies to everyone who has had to communicate with me.

  • I have figured out how to edit these posts now so it's okay, no-one needs to give me advice on that.


    But I do feel I still should leave this posted on here for a while so anyone concerned can see my apology.


    And also I just remembered I do in fact suffer from a thing called dyscalculia - which is why I literally couldn't see that it was a 2 years subscription not a 1 year subscription. 


    This is the most serious error dyscalculia has caused me to date which is actually pretty worrying.


    I frequently stand in shops staring at the coins in my hand and it is like I can't understand what they mean.


    Anyway, once again, my aplogies to all the people at F-Secure, Cleverbridge and anyone else who had to deal with my emails and comments due to my mistake.

  • Apologies for my mistake. Sorry.

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    Hey LW8000,


    It's alright. I'm hpapy that everything is working for you and you're covered now.


    Let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance, each of us will be more than happy to serve you.

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