Need new fsecure safe key

Hello, I don't seem to be able to find my fsecure key. I seem to have deleted my email. I need to reinstall fsecure on my PC please help. Thank you.


  • Rinio
    Rinio Posts: 4 New Member

    Thanks for your reply I've done that but I'm not able to do this I don't know why exactly but even though I do press the button to show my key nothing happens. It just does not respond. Is there any way of getting the key emailed again?????? Thank you!

  • Rinio
    Rinio Posts: 4 New Member

    Thank you. Also when I log into my fsecure I get a message saying "waiting for confirmation of payment" even though my licence is valid till the 12 of December.

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user.


    Maybe tomorrow will be proper response from F-Secure Community Managers, but just as temporary suggestion:


    --> Maybe your main concern about F-Secure Internet Security (?!):


    Because with F-Secure SAFE probably not possible to "choose something as 'show subscription'" (but it should be possible with solutions like F-Secure IS or F-Secure AV);


    --> As result -> maybe your experience after "login" to My F-Secure Account based on another solution (SAFE/Total) and not connected with your subscription;


    Maybe good to contact F-Secure Support Channels directly:


    Chat/Phone and you able to explain situation (provide all available information about your subscription)... most likely they able to help (check status of subscription; retrieve your activation-code or so).


  • Rinio
    Rinio Posts: 4 New Member

    Hi thanks for the suggestions , all has been resolved. Thank you again.

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