Freedome vpn don't work at public network

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i have a ipad 10.5 pro with ios 10.3.3 and have problems with the use of freedome-vpn in public wlan networks.


if i connect with a public wlan network,  for which no access data are necessary, i get a fine connection. but in the moment i switch freedome-vpn on, the internet connection is getting off an the wlan symbol in the status bar disapperas.

if i switch freedome-vpn again to set it to off, the internet connection allready works fine again and the wlan symbol in the status bar reappears.

on the public wlan it cannot lie in my opinion because with my Galaxy S8 with Android, which lies directly next to the ipad, the network connection with activated freedome-vpn works very fine.

i hope, anyone have an idea, what i can do in this case...


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    My ideas 💡

    Look at your Galaxys settings, how they are,
    because they work.
    Check settings in Freedom:wi-fi, is it ON or OFF. (IPAD)
    Check network settings in IPAD, is wi-fi ON or OFF.

    I hope, that connection problems can be solved.

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    Hi nanDoo,


    Please have look at this article for more information on why you can't connect to a public Wi-Fi when Freedome is on.


    However, in your case, since you mention the issue happens with an iOS device, please check these articles as well - here and here.

  • nanDoo
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    thank you for your replies.

    The article you mentioned does not apply to my problem.

    I am in my office and have access from here to a free and public wlan-network. No access-data is required to login. You just have to accept the terms of usage.

    In my Android smartphone, which is directly next to my ipad 10.5 pro is the connection with the network and activated freedome-vpn without problems, only with the ipad is the network-connection interrupted, as soon as i turn freedome-vpn. If i switch freedome-vpn, is immediately the internet-connection again activated.

    At a blocked vpn-connection it can not lie, as it works on the Android device without problems. So vpn-connections seems are accepted in priciple.



  • Problem could be in your cofiguration. Check how you set it. Also you can read to make sure that you did everything right. If yes then problem could be in your pad maybe

  • nanDoo, did you ever get freedome to work with iOS?  This is a recent issue for me as well on 10.3.3.  

    Freedome and more specifically F-Secure is the issue here.  If Freedome will not allow for me to connect to a public wireless network using my iOS device as it has done previously, then the product is now useless.  F-Secure needs to step up to the plate on this issue.  


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    Hi This_is_me,


    In some cases, you have to configure port access for Freedome on iOS as mentioned in this article. Please have a look.


    Also, are you able to turn on Freedome in other networks (like data network or other Wi-Fi networks) on your iOS device?

  • Thanks for the reply Laksh,


    Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 has not had a issue both home and abroad.   As previously stated by the OP, Freedome will not connect on public wifi in iOS as the connection is immediately lost when Freedome starts.  Turning off Freedome, I immediately have a connection.  The issue surrounding port access is moot as there is no ability to access the router on a public network.  As I previously stated, this has not been an issue with iOS until recently whether using 10.3.3 or 11.0.2.  Since four (4) of my devices run iOS, I've lost the ability to access public networks safely.  Now, I must carry my MBP everywhere.  I'm paying for 7 devices but only three (3) work.  





  • Laksh
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    Hi This_is_me,


    Can you try the steps in this article and see if this helps?


  • Laksh
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    Glad to hear that, This_is_me! Thanks for sharing your solution with us.

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