Adding another license on an existing F-Secure account (and on a different device)

Greetings from Canada (I live just outside of Toronto)!

I've been using the F-Secure Internet Security product for my Android device (I have the Pixel 6 Pro mobile (cell) phone - though I'm going to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy device (potentially) in the next few months in the later part of 2024) for almost two years and I was pleased with the overall performance and functionality. My inquiry is stated in the next paragraph.

Here's the background of my situation (summarized below):
- I first used the F-Secure Internet Security application for my phone back in November 2022.
- At that time, I've downloaded through the Google Play Store and renewed using the "in-app purchases" feature (or something like that) that allowed me to renew using the Google Play Store balance.
- I'm considering on adding another license for my F-Secure account - to be installed on my gaming laptop (the gaming laptop that I have is the MSI GS66 Stealth (which is about 3 to 4 years - it runs on Windows 10 Pro). Additionally I'm planning to do a clean install to upgrade to Windows 11 on that device).

The third point is a big concern. If I buy an additional license, then this would conflict my existing subscription (and license currently assigned to my Pixel 6 Pro device) and my overall F-Secure account. If I wanted to buy another license for another system, will I have to go through the app on my phone (even if it's for another device such as a laptop) or can I purchase another license through the web portal?

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    Hello @simont726 ,

    thank you for contacting us here on F-Secure Community Portal.

    As your F-Secure subscription purchased from the Google Play shop has expired, it would be best to purchase a renewal and additional license from our official online shop. This will avoid problems installing the app on a desktop device, such as a laptop or computer, as licenses purchased from the Google Play shop are only assigned to mobile devices. The subscriptions are limited to one operating system, but are valid on all your Android devices connected to the same or Google Play account. 

    By purchasing a licence from the online shop, you can install the programme on all the devices you want to protect, and you will be able to view and manage your licenses in one account.

    To renew your subscription, please do as followed:

    1. Log in to My F-Secure.
    2. Click Renew now.
    3. On the Your cart page, select:
    4. The license period;
    5. The number of devices;
    6. If you'd like to opt for automatic renewal in the future.
    7. Click Checkout.
    8. On the Order Information page, fill in the following (if not pre-filled):
    9. Click Buy now.

    Once you have renewed your licence, you can reinstall it on your mobile device and Windows 10 devices. Please also note that we do not support older versions than 22H2. If you have an older version of Windows installed, the programme will unfortunately not work.

    I hope I have been able to answer your question. In case of further questions, fell free to ask me.

    Best regards!

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