Windows 10 backup procedure triggers a quarantine action by F-Secure Total

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I have a scheduled backup running in Windows 10 Pro, v. 22H2, build 19045.3324 once a week.

Lately, whenever the backup process starts to run, I get a message from F-Secure Total stating that a file has been put into quarantine. The path is always the same, the reason is always the same, but the filename differs (it is always 'Backup files', though:

Path: C:\System Volume Information\Windows Backup\Staging\{66A6AF4E-1D96-4B4A-80DA-C7923BD374E5}

File: Backup files

Reason: Heuristic.HEUR/Pumpar.Gen

As a result, the backup eventually fails, stating "Access denied".

Releasing the quarantined file from quarantine does not help.

I have run a manual virus check, but nothing was found.

What could be the cause of this problem?


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