FS protection mobile clients - new look and feel and features

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I am glad to announce that we have new release out at PlayStore and AppStore with the following features:

• Totally new modular user interface

• Integrated Password Vault

• Integrated ID Monitoring

• Bug fixes, stability improvements

Please spend some time to test it and give feedback using this survey: linkNote that you will be prompted to login with your beta.f-secure.com credentials.

And file bugs and open feedback as typically here: https://beta.f-secure.com/

Thank you!


  • yeoldfart
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    did not receive any pword to access the beta, FS mobile beta not available i Playstore

    pls help

  • Ukko
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    One ask about "Integrated ID Monitoring"

    -> I do use some bogus emails - so to keep them more visible when they are in trouble.

    • so, a certain one or some of them (less or more surely) affected by breaches / leaks. Some of them are 'known' and available on public / or public available sources or services.

    -> by trying to use FS Protection ID Monitoring for them - no breaches / leaks.

    Thus, will it be later / then? Or if it is unknown for 'background' knowledge of ID Monitoring - then it is unknown and that's all. // day later addition: one of mentioned 'leaks' shows by ID Monitoring then

    • Another thing (that I asked before too) - some of such bogus emails are usually with 'alias' in addition. Since, ID Monitoring did not find any breaches / leaks for known (to me and 'public') leaked emails... I cannot to check it.

    -> so, if I will add "email[@]provider[.]com" as a object - will it also look for "email+alias[@]provider[.]com".

    -> if not. Is it possible to support this scenario / way by any means? So, to add only 'email' (and not this particular aliased view - which leaked).


  • Juha_Valimaki
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    Thanks for you feedback. Aliases are not currently monitored.