What Happens to ID Guardian After the Beta Subscription Expired?

Hi. I've been an active beta tester of F-Secure Protect. Recently I decided to try out ID Guardian (so ditching Bitwarden, for now). Now that IDG is my main password manager, I'm a bit worried about what happens after my beta subscription is expired? Can I still use my master password to access all my passwords? I hope IDG would only lose certain functions (i.e. syncing) after the license is expired instead of stopping me from logging into my database stored locally.

I know the development team usually extends the beta license before it goes expired. However, I do know that sometimes the process got delayed and the beta license only got renewed days after it had been expired. For FS Protect, it's OK, cause I only used it on my cellphone. There's always Google Play Protect as a backup. However, I don't want to lose access to all my passwords for a few days!

Does anyone have any idea about that?

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    I do use FS ID Guardian on one of Android devices where I keep it with an 'expired' subscription (I deleted the device from My FS Protection portal - so to trigger 'expiration'). For quite some time now (just as a check).

    I still have access to passwords, kind of 'offline' access without synchronization and other things. Installation just as with "logout" state from FS Protection account, so - some functionality is disabled (syncing) and subscription status is not possible to check. However, maybe 'autofill' and other still there - I just do not use this functionality (so, I am not sure).

    Thus, I think you should be fine even if beta subscription will be expired for some days. But good to have a backup of your entries anyway and somehow. Just for sure and to avoid any 'technical' troubles when database can be accidently erased (or something like that).

    Does anyone have any idea about that?

    And, by the way, recent FS Protection build/update with a pretty nice feature - built-in Password Manager (vault, actually).

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    Just as a follow-up.

    I have allowed my beta account to expire (by expiration date, not like in the "setup" described in my other reply). The result is the same.

    It's been a little over a week now and I'm still able to use fs id guardian with my masterpassword as an offline vault for added entries. No sync. No ID monitoring. Not sure about autofill (I don't use the functionality), but at least I can manually copy the password and stuff.

    Windows 10 | Android 12

    In the application itself (Android app), I do not see the ability to "renew" (only reminder to do so) or an option to "sign out" from one account to another. So, it is required or "renew" by reactivating (with the help of the beta team) the account; or by clearing the cache of the application. With Windows client - I see an option to "log in" (to use another account or reactivate with a proper state).


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    I can confirm that the design is such that subscription expiration disables syncing of passwords. However, you can always locally access your saved passwords/credit cards and for example export them until you uninstall the product.


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