Why the frequent subscription renewal reminders for F-Secure Safe?

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I am getting frequent renewal reminders for my F-Secure Safe subscription which is due to expire March 28th. The application pops the "Subscription expires in ... days" every day and every time I login to my PC (Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit OS, if that matters).

The F-Secure application does not seem to keep track that I just saw the same notification (and clicked on the "Later" button) an hour earlier when I first logged into my PC. And it always pops this notification up just after midnight (when the day changes) but nevertheless often, on top of that, several times a day.

I don't know what the dumbass reason for it is except to get the customer to renew early? I am guessing that F-Secure thinks they need to act like a parent reminding their child to brush their teeth or what-now. But it's actually more annoying than inciting to renew.

And before anyone proposes that, I am not interested in having to "open a support ticket". This is the sort of stuff F-Secure's product development should have caught in the testing phase. Why should I have spend my time to have to open a ticket and keep it updated all the way to resolution for?


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