the renew pop need to be able to be set to the users requirements!

paddy3 Posts: 3 Observer

currently, starting some years ago, approx 45 days before my current subscriptions expire i get a pop up every time i turn on my pc, everytime i bring it out of sleep and at midnight.  i have asked repeatedly over the last few years how to disable this and i can get nothing more than "users like this "...well i dont!! 


last year i would have gone to another company for my security needs if , at the moment of payment i had not had to take a phone call and then decided the next day that i would hope you corrected the problem for this year. .  so, for that pop up alone i would have left as your customer.  i have been your customer for YEARS and with multiple different products.  


i understand that you think its a good feature, and if i could set the reminders for times i wanted then i would agree, but you intrude into my work and leisure in a way that no other company does, and it is maddening.  i am a gamer, you may not understand why that makes this pop up even worse than if i was just sitting doing accounts, but i assure you, it is infuriating.   i am imploring and beeseeching you, allow users to set their own reminder schedule.  ty