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Your renewal popup is very annoying. I get it at least once every day. Some days more than once. I posted this post on the Community Forum:


I will appreciate it if you can give your users the option of stopping this popup from displaying. I do not need to be reminded daily that my subscription is running out. This popup is intrusive and as I mentioned at the beginning of my post; very annoying.






  • I also find this kind of reminder very annoying and disturbing.
    My license is connected to a magazine subscription, and I do that renewal yearly. In a few weeks, I will do it, and get my new key.

    But until then, I get this reminder nagging every day, and I can't do anything about it.

    Please do a way to postpone the reminder for some days at least!

  • A DAILY NAG is NEVER EVER a good idea.  I do NOT use products that constantly aggravate and nag me, and which give me NO option to turn off the pestering.  As F-Secure is now insisting on an unwanted, unnecessary, and completely UNwanted daily (and sometimes more than once per day, arrrrrgh!) nag screen (your subscription expires in < 30 days), I will _not_ be renewing this product.  Norton/Symantec made this mistake years ago, and lost hundreds of thousands of customers over it. Symantec eventually listened, and added a way for customers to turn off the daily NAG NAG NAG NAG. Perhaps F-Secure will one day learn as well. We are not idiots.


    ONE notice, ONE time is all that is needed. Any more than that is UNWANTED, and just pisses off your customers. Get with the program, PLEASE.



  • the most annoying thing is that the reminders continue after I have renewed

  • F-User9F-User9 Posts: 8

    A program that gives daily unwanted, disruptive, unnecessary, and repetitive popups is malware.


    F-Secure provides NO way for the customer to turn off or control its own totally unwanted and completely unnecessary 'renewal' popups, which can occur many times in a single day. This is incredibly, incredibly disruptive and aggravating.


    Therefore F-Secure is malware.


    I can no longer recommend this product to anyone. Uncontrollable multiple daily nags & popups from an "anti" Malware program are ridiculous and unacceptable. Until F-Secure faces this truth, they will continue to lose customers and sully their own reputations.


    One notice, ONE time.  Any more is malware. STOP THE MADNESS, F-Secure! 

  • bryan441bryan441 Posts: 30
    Me too also find that reminder

    Bryan Anderson

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