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First of i spent 20 minutes typeing only for login to pop up and delete what i typed (short that out)


so let me start few years i been a member of f safe and freedom then came along the shiney brand new f sense which i pre ordered and got on day 1 of release.


along the way i noticed if you have sense you dont need safe anymore? 

well all 3 of there subscriptions end (May/June) well first year of free service with sense ends and i can Not purchase all 3 this time round.


there is total that does f safe and freedom but then you dont need safe if you have sense??

why is there not one package for all?


i contacted customer service and they was using google translate to chat with me from there over seas office as they made zero sense with there very bad english and not having a clue to what i was asking.


im scared as i have f safe with family outside of my house so if i end that there not protected no more

and on my network with f sense i have about 25 devices that are protected


i dont know which to keep and i hate im in this place of not knowing what to buy and what not to as i have very inportant data that needs to be protected


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    Hi TrekkieMike,


    Please have a look at this article to know better on what products you need if you have SENSE. Please also have a look at the articles here and here in order to know if you need a traditional security software if you have SENSE.


    Sorry to hear about your experience with support; I have forwarded your feedback internally.

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