Do I need traditional security software on my laptop, phone or tablet if I have F-Secure SENSE?

Note: This article is valid for you only if you are using the standalone version of F-Secure SENSE (not part of the F-Secure TOTAL package).

With F-Secure SENSE no traditional security software is needed.

As F-Secure SENSE is using a three-layer protection system consisting of the SENSE router, the SENSE app, and F-Secure Security Cloud, the SENSE app needs to be installed on your computers and mobile devices to gain the fullest protection with SENSE. In addition, the SENSE app is used for the initial set-up of the SENSE router.

On the go when you are outside of your home network, the SENSE app provides protection for your mobile devices as well. This is a lightweight software application, which consumes less device resources compared to most traditional security software.

Note: The availability of protection features for F-Secure SENSE varies by platform, and the features available also depend on whether you are at home in your home network or on the go. For more details, please refer to What are the current security features for F-Secure SENSE?.

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