Do I need traditional security software on my desktop computer if I only use it within my SENSE network?

Note: This article is valid for you only if you are using the standalone version of F-Secure SENSE (not part of the F-Secure TOTAL package).

With F-Secure SENSE no traditional security software is needed.

To add an extra layer of protection and gain the fullest protection with your SENSE router, we advise that the SENSE app is installed on your desktop computer even if it always stays within your home network. As F-Secure SENSE is using a three-layer protection system consisting of the SENSE router, the SENSE app, and F-Secure Security Cloud, these three elements work together to keep your devices safe.

Note: For desktop computers, the SENSE app is available for both Windows PC and macOS. The SENSE app for Windows PC and macOS cannot be used to set up and configure the SENSE router. For the set-up and configuration of the SENSE router, you need to download and install the SENSE app on either an Android or iOS device. The security features of the SENSE app for Windows PC and macOS are explained in What are the current security features for F-Secure SENSE? .

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