Is macOS Ventura supported?

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I saw the notice on 18.3 Beta 3 about Ventura not being supported. But I'm also seeing a note on 18.3 Beta 4 noting that the upgrade issue was resolved. So does that mean Ventura is supported now?




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  • ArthurVal
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    Hello, @XenoPhage!

    Thanks for your question! macOS Ventura is not officially supported as of now.

    We are planning to make more adjustments for Ventura support in future releases. I believe there is one quite important fix coming into the next FS Protection release quite soon. After that, it should be safer to use it on macOS Ventura. At least the base functionality should be intact.

    We keep monitoring all newly released Ventura betas to verify that there are no new issues as it's being actively developed at the moment. With that in mind, it's not that easy to assess full support of macOS Ventura until we are closer to the public release in autumn.

    Best regards, Arthur

    Mac R&D Team