Why is Freedome VPN IP Blocked for Abuse

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Hi there

Over the last few months, I have noticed that the Freedome VPN IP have been blocked by various site when it is set to "Singapore" locale.

If this is changed to another locale, or if the Freedome VPN is turned off, the block disappears. An example is the following screenshot:

Another associated phenomenon when the locale is set to "Singapore" is that the Google Search home page automatically defaults to United Arab Emirates home page. This happens even if the url address is set to: www.google.co.uk

An example of what happens with the Freedome VPN set to "Singapore" is in the screenshot below:

Again, this phenomenon disappears if the locale is changed to another country, or if the Freedome VPN is turned off. An example if Freedome VPN is turned off, with the actual physical location in Singapore is in the screenshot below:

More importantly, I would like to know why is the Freedome VPN locale for "Singapore" blocked?

I am using the latest version of Freedome VPN, running on Windows 10 Pro fully patched and up-to-date. The system has been fully scanned for malware, and the phenomenon happens on newly installed systems as well.

Thanks for your thoughts and help in advance!


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    Dear @mas2

    Can you please specify, in which country are you residing right now ? as your location might affect functionality of our software.

    Here is useful article that might clarify some of your doubts :

    Persian Gulf area countries:

    When residing in any of the Persian Gulf area countries (Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates), FREEDOME apps cannot connect to any of the FREEDOME VPN servers. Sometimes the VPN connection initially succeeds, but stops working soon after that.

    The use of VPNs is restricted in the Persian Gulf area countries, and local Internet Service Providers block VPN connections in their networks. This prevents FREEDOME from working.

    Due to the nature of the issue, we are unable to solve this.


    When residing in China, the FREEDOME apps often cannot connect to any of the FREEDOME VPN servers. Occasionally, some of the FREEDOME locations may work, but often not. When residing outside China, accessing Chinese website or other Chinese internet services often results in an error message saying that the server IP address cannot be found.

    The use of VPN apps (including FREEDOME) is restricted in China. Due to the policy of the Chinese government, VPN connections are blocked in their network for both local residents and foreign people travelling in China. This prevents FREEDOME from working in China.

    This Chinese VPN block also affects FREEDOME users outside China. If a Chinese internet service, such as a website, has all of its Domain Name Servers (DNS) in China, the FREEDOME VPN servers will not have access to the website. If the internet service in question has at least one of its DNS servers outside China, it may remain accessible to FREEDOME users.

    Due to the nature of the issue, we are unable to solve this.



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    Hi Dawid

    Thanks for your helpful reply.

    The physical location is in Singapore. Is there currently an issue with the use of Freedome VPN in Singapore as well?

    Thanks for your kind assistance.


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    Dear @mas2

    Have you triend re-installing Freedome ? If not please do it, and let me know if anything has changed.

    Check link below for more information about re-installation :



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    Hi Dawid

    Yes. I have tried reinstalling and the issues are still there.

    In addition, it also appears on new machines with newly installed OS.

    Is there a known reason for these observed and persistent behaviours?


  • DawidFSDawidFS Posts: 73 F-Secure Employee

    Dear @mas2 ,

    If it's still not working, i would suggest contacting our support trough here :

    Also it would be nice, if you could already prepare a Diagnostic File ( FSDIAG)

    you can get it here :

    Our support will analyze the file, and will be able to tell you what is the cause of problems.



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    Thanks Dawid.

    Will do ;)

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