Does Freedome have limitation with one-time trial?

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This ask about next situation (and with certain system):


--> Most likely that under system was installed Freedome (but not sure when); After trial-time uninstalled; After this there probably was quite many days. System is Windows 10;


--> On current time - under this system not possible to use trial time of F-Secure Total (generally and only "Freedome"-part);


Troubleview with next meanings:


--> There was freshly installed Freedome and it trigger status "Expired" from first; So - maybe it expected there (I not sure how many days/months/years there was between tries);

--> Switch to "Subscription"-tab -> Choose "F-Secure Total"-provider;

--> Login -> set up device-name and it "congrats" us; But UI and Freedome still with "Expired"-status;

--> There possible to repeat it many times and reach "all devices in use" (re-use "unused" device also), but each time there just "expired" status for UI;


Does it mean that there just "one-time" trial available for Freedome? With meanings - that it not possible to re-try using Freedome (trial-time) after any of time (?!); Or how it with such situation - F-Secure Total trial with both "parts".


Not known for me - if there was "in use" F-Secure Total previously (or not) - but on current time I suspect that not (will re-check it later);


some else "stuck"-points: if we "deny" prompt for re-use licenses (reached devices-limit) -> "Active subscription"-dialog switched to "Subscription not activated; You cancelled the process before subscription could be activated" with button "Retry"; Such retry-action will create state "invalid_redirect_url:redirect_url not provided" (with next try to "release license"); Temporary probably (before restart system or maybe reload freedome);




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    @Laksh wrote:

    Once a Freedome trial is used, Freedome cannot be installed again in trial mode; even if it would be a trial for F-Secure Total.

    Thanks for your response and explanation. :)


    Just as my feedback:

    --> most likely it quite reasonable design; but a little be strange one (at least, if Freedome not planned to be discountinued too soon) for some of valid situations or certain meanings;

    since there anyway available (?) workarounds... which can be used by this ones, who want to trick it (if such limitation based on this 'exploiting'); but, of course, not quite common as can be;

    --> it properly 'accepted' one-year Total subscription under this device (with used Freedome previously and expired-trial-state currently); so.. there missing any critical troublestuck-situation (at least, with my this try);



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