Happy New Website Template to F-Secure Team!

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Hi dears.


i hope you all are having a great Day/night


i just visited F-Secure website and .. it's great guys. new template the face of your website is great, much much more than previous one ( of courste that was good too but this one is amazing ), more clean and easy to work and acces to the different sections


by the way, i was checking Chat Support in new website, so started a chat with Amerul our dear Tech Support in Support department, he noticed that Call Support is 24/7 for Home Users now! and also there is a plan to make Chat Support 24/7 too but there is no official time for it.

so here is i want to report, call support service is 24/7 now, but still in related page you are telling us that it's mon-friday ( https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/contact-support#call ) so i think need a correction in this case, i'm sure you'll consider that Smiley Wink



  • Parham
    Parham Posts: 103 Enthusiast

    Thank You for the information.


    dear @Laksh but is there any plan to make your Home Support 24/7  in near future? as i know you already have it for Businesses.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Parham,


    We haven't heard of any news yet regarding that. We will keep everyone posted in the Community if there is any new information about the support changes.

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