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I have a subscription/license for three devices.

When do these license periods start:

All three when the first one is installed like F-S IS or

each one when each one is installed?


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    Hi Martink,


    Freedome subscription starts the moment you install Freedome on the first device. And all other key will follow the same license end date as the first device.


    You may refer this thread for more information about the license key.



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    OK, thanks. The answer is in the referenced thread. My subscription is so old that the expiry date on each device is calculated from when it was installed.

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    However, that raises more questions.


    1. Say I bougth a three device  license from F-Secure and installed Freedome on two devices.

    One is expired and one has 150 days left.

    If I install Freedome now on the third device when will that expire.


    2.  How long is the transition period?

    If I look at

    I get the impression that I can transfer Freedome from one device which I do not use to another which I plan to use, because I have not transferred any of the licenses yet. Installing Freedome on the fourth device will ask for transfer. Is that correct?


    3. The three device license I bought from F-Secure is best fro three different WIndows devices.

    For my umpteen Androids it is better to get Freedome from Google play as only one license is needed for all Adroid devices registered for the same email account according to

    Is that correct?

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    Hi Martink,

    1. Once the first key activates, the rest of the keys will follow the same end date as the first device. However if you have extended the 2nd license key using any voucher then that only applies to that particular device. Your 3rd license key will still follow the 1st device end date.

    2. Yes the transfer option is available now for Windows and Mac. Once you install it on the fourth device you will get an option to transfer the license key to the current device.

    3. For Android you can always purchase it from the Google Play store but you wont be able to transfer it to your Windows or Mac if you plan to do it later. Because Android licensing is handled through the Google Play store. You can refer this link fore more introduction in this.


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    Thanks again,

    The first device has 47 days left and the second device 150 days.

    So you are saying the thrid device would have 47 days?????

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    No, I got partial answer.

    What is open

    if I install Freedome on a new PC and use the third license when will that expire?

    if I install Freedome on a fourth PC will it offer the transfer and when will that expire?


    According to the answer my currenct installed Freedomes should expired the same day which they do not according to the GUI.

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    Hi martink,


    Sorry for the late reply, may I know how did you get the 150 days from? Where did you purchase the Freedome key from?



  • martinkmartink Posts: 402 Adventurer

    I got it from F-Secure web site

    Viitenumero: XXXXXXXX: Tilauksesi tuotteista F-Secure Freedome



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    Hello martink,


    Sorry for the delay in responding to your enquiry.


    As per checked regarding this, If the license end dates on three installations were January 22nd, February 22nd and March 22nd, 2016, all installations (after a license transfer) will now expire on March 22nd 2016 assuming you have a 1-year subscription. So in your case it will follow the longest days which is the 150 days.


    More information you can refer here.


    Thank you.

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