How does the Freedome license period work?

The license period for a multi-device subscription for Freedome starts the moment you install and activate your Freedome subscription by entering the subscription code on the first device. For example, if your first installation of Freedome was January 1st, the license period ends January 1st the following year, assuming that you have a 1-year subscription. All your subsequent installs now follow the same license end date as this first installation.

Previously, the license period for Freedome subscription was independent from each installation. This means that the license period started exactly from when you installed Freedome on a particular device. This is why you may see different license end dates from one installation to another.

However, during this transitional period, when you perform a license transfer, the license end date is synchronized to the longest available license duration on all installations. As an example, if the license end dates on three installations were January 22nd, February 22nd and March 22nd, 2016, all installations (after a license transfer) will now expire on March 22nd 2016 assuming you have a 1-year subscription.

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