Internet ONLY works when Freedome is connected

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Last night I ran the suggested update to Freedome. This morning I turned on the computer to discover that I can no longer access any websites if Freedome is not turned ON. I have the program set to load (but not connect) automatically when Windows loads. I tried exiting Freedome completely, but it made no difference.


So at the moment I can only view webpages in any browser if Freedome is connected. If Freedome is not ON or is not loaded at all... I cannot connect to a website.


(it's not my internet connection as other computers that do not have Freedome are not affected)


How do I fix this? I'm not quite sure where to start to look... but it seems that Freedome must have changed some settings somewhere in the computer.


(using Windows 7)




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    Hello Erick,


    Could you check the DNS settings on your machine?

    To do so, 

    1. Open the Control Panel by clicking on the Windows button, then click Control Panel
    2. Type "Network and Sharing" in the upper right hand corner and click on Network and Sharing Center
    3. Click Change Adapter Settings
    4. Right click on the network adapter you'd like to check and click Properties
    5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties
    6. Make sure you have correct DNS settings
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    Try pinging


    1. Open startmenu by clicking the windows flag in the bottom left corner.

    2. type cmd and press enter

    3. type "ping" (without the quotes)


    If you get a result like this, then you should follow the advice in the above post and check your DNS settings:


    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=24ms TTL=24  


    If you get this instead, then maybe you should try to uninstall Freedome and continue testing.


    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
    Request timed out.

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    I had this problem as well and it was driving me nuts until I remembered I had it last summer as well and turned Freedome on. Now the thing is that the Freedome service is automatically turned on when WIndows starts. My setting is not to start Freedome when windows starts and I cannot see the Freedome Icon in system tray to tell if it is on or not.

    I should like to test that ping but I cannot get back to the situation where the Ethernet does not give internet access only LAN.


    Is it possible if I have the laptop without battery and without power supply connect for a few days id goes to a state where Freedome is not automatically started?????????????


    Now I have Internet access with Eht even if I shut down the PC and wait for a while without power and battery and then restart.


    The DNS and DCHP are set on automatic and ipconfig /all give the same as on other PC's without the problem (with and without Freedome)

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    Thanks for the responses thus far.


    I've checked the DNS settings... it's all set to automatic.

    While looking at the DNS settings I went to advanced TCP/IP settings and under the DNS tab I looked at "DNS server addresses in order of use" and noticed that freedome is listed there. That's normal, I suppose? Should I click remove?

    I went to cmd and did the ping thing and got something like Andy said:

    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=24ms TTL=24  


    So what do I do now? The problem is still happening

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    Anyone? I appreciate the responses, but unfortunately they don't provide a solution...

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    Did you do the above test with Freedome connected or disconnected? Can you try again but with this time?


    Post the results of that, both when Freedome is connected and when it's disconnected please.
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    I do not experience the problem any more when I start the particular laptop.

    However, the Freedome service is automatically started even if Freedome is not started when Windows is started (according to the Settings screen)

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    Alright so I've done the test when connected and disconnected (I did it with this time as you suggested)



    Before I connected to Freedome it said:


    Ping request could not find host google com. Please chewck the name and try again.


    After connecting, it seemed normal and returned this message:


    Pinging [2a00:1450:400f:804::200e] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from 2a00:1450:400f:804::200e: time=170ms
    Reply from 2a00:1450:400f:804::200e: time=169ms
    Reply from 2a00:1450:400f:804::200e: time=169ms
    Reply from 2a00:1450:400f:804::200e: time=171ms

    Ping statistics for 2a00:1450:400f:804::200e:
        Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
        Minimum = 169ms, Maximum = 171ms, Average = 169ms



    so... what should I do? thanks!

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    Looks like IPv6 :)

    Im out of ideas there, sorry Smiley Sad



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    Hi Erick,


    I'm sorry to hear about your this issue. Regarding your Freedome license issue, could you please open a support ticket as our support team would be able to better check on this issue. Please attach together with the log for further investigation.


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    Had the same problem on two computers.  Found a DNS named "Freedome" under Internet Protocoll properties (and DNS). Removed it and all works OK.

    Regards Bjorn

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    Hey Bjorn,

    Where can I find the Internet Protocol properties?
  • martinkmartink Posts: 402 Adventurer
  • ErickErick Posts: 11 New Member

    So in one of those Windows I would presumably see something listed "Freedome" if my problem is similar to SM0EWM's?


    I'm actually out of town and away from that computer right now, but I will try and look when possible.

  • martinkmartink Posts: 402 Adventurer

    I do no have the problem, but based on the post I should go to the network adapter properties, select IPV 6 first and then IPV 4 and click properties. The last screen show what I have. The post suggests that in either one (assumably in IPV 6) the DNS is Freedome which the user removed.

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    I have similar situation.

    when i boot win 7 64bit with freedome protection OFF internet does not work.

    But after activating protection all works fine. Even after switching freedome protection off, everything works fine. The network connection tray icon also shows no network connection at boot time. But after activating protection ,internet works , even when the tray icon says otherwise. Sometimes the tray icon changes to connected after switching protection on...opening and closing browser...and switching protection off. All this hassle started after the recent freedome update.

    This probably does not solve anything , but shows something is not right. And if this is some incompatibilty issue, i use emsisoft internet security. regards, Ryde

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    I second what ryde just wrote... he added some important details to my original post.

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    Just wondering...

    Are you using ETH Lan or WiFi or both and if you are using both, does the prbolem occurin with both?

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    Hm, I can't seem to install Freedome at all on my windows 10 tablet for reasons unknown, thought I'd give it a try as it works very well on my android. But...

    Just do an ipconfig /all (from the command prompt) when Freedome is active and when it's not, post the results.
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    Hi ,


    Regards to this if the issue persist even after installing the latest version, it is recommended to open a support ticket and include the Freedome Log to your request so we can investigate better this issue.



  • ErickErick Posts: 11 New Member

    Yes, I plan to open one, but I'm away from the particular computer until this upcoming Thursday. So I'll do so then...


    The latest version is the update from a few weeks back, correct? (if so, yes... that's the problem version)

  • ChameniChameni Posts: 235

    Hi Erick,


    Yes that is the latest version and do let us know if have open the support ticket for this issue.


    Thank you.

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    Did experience the same problem with one of our users today. He was on a trip and used freedome there. When he returned to the office he couldnt connect to internet, because there was a freedome dns still in the settings although the protection on the software was turned off. After removing the freedome dns, the machine got DNS servers from DHCP correctly. Not sure if this the expected behavior but appears to be a bug IMO
    Heres screenshot to clarify where the DNS setting were:

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    I had this problem again:

    No internet connection until Freedome was launched and protection turned on.

    Tried twice to reboot if it would work it did not.


    The detail for the Freedome VPNConnection was cable unplugged. After turning Freedom on it is lik the image above.


    A little later Freedome was upgraded to

    After that the problem has not re-occured.


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