F-Secure SAFE with Freedome, no "Generate Voucher" on My Safe

As subject says, I bought F-Secure SAFE in July that included Freedome with the order .


I remember activating Freedome on some of my devices and finding the generate voucher button on My Safe, but I am now trying to activate Freedome on my Mac, and I cannot find the button anymore.


I tried with Firefox and Safari on Os X and with Win10 and Firefox, so it's not due to a browser difference atleast.


How can I activate rest of my machines running Safe with Freedome?



  •  Hello,


    On the page for customers who bought SAFE and got Freedom with the subscription the  "Luo koodi"-button does nothing. Can't get the voucher number. It's last day to activate the subscription. What should I do?






    Juhani Aurava

  • Same kind of problem here. Bought SAFE, received email promoting free FREEDOME, but no voucher button on the portal. Offer ends today (Sep. 30th).

  • Hi

    I have same issue. I have redeem code with my other account and loved to freedome. Now i bought licenses enough for rest of devices and made new account to redeem new licenses. At the f-secure homebages had advertise to free freedome for f-secure safe users until 30 sep 2015.


    Now i'm trying to find where i can redeem free freedome for my devices and cant found any way to do that anymore. 


    If you have any idea where i can redeem licenses for freedome as safe using customer, please tip me about that, that would be great.


    Sincerely Yours,


  • Laksh
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    Hello Everyone,


    The Freedome campaign (via Safe) was a limited offer which ended yesterday.


    @JuhaniA, I have merged your other post for the same issue with this one.

  • Hello,


    Promotion was valid (this part in Finnish quoting promotion email: Tarjous voimassa 30.9.2015 asti) through Semtember. Yesterday was still september, so I should have been able to get voucher yesterday.


    what is going on?





  • Tctic
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    I have same problem. Customer support said like this yesterday (sorry, finnish language):

    "Tuossa Freedomen koodien luonnissa on tällä hetkellä ongelma eikä se toimi tuon SAFE tilin kautta. Kun asia on saatu korjattua niin teidän safe tilille ilmestyy freedome painike jonka kautta voi freedomen koodin luoda. Kannattaa kokeilla uudelleen tänään illalla tai huomenna."


    Does anybody have solution for this problem?

  • I don't remember it being anykind of promotion that was supposed to end after certain date, and there is no mention of this on the receipt I got. Receipt just says "including Freedome (save up to 50 EUR!)" in finnish.

    I find it confusing that we were supposed to use the Freedome codes up before a certain date. I have it activated on some of the devices I bought SAFE for, but not on all of them, and you're saying that "tough luck, you can't anymore"?

  • No button right now Smiley Frustrated

  • Tctic
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    No freedome button and no feedback from f-secure. They have no support for freedome at all!

  • I have the same problem. The generate freedome code clearly stopped working/disappeared before the advertised period. I had only generated one out of five codes. Please sort this out.

  • I create a few voucher codes when I was at work with the intention of using them wen I got home. When I actually got home and had a second to enter the voucher, the codes were then gone from my account.


    I didn't get the use any of the codes that I had generated.


    Can you at least grant us access to the codes that we had previously generated? Maybe via email or something? It seems unfair that the codes get wiped from the account completley.


    Please resolve this.

  • Same problem here. I cannot generate more vouchers for Freedome (I signed up for the free three, 1-year subscriptions). I installed one code on my phone, but I cannot find where to generate it for my computer and can't find the details of this offer under mySAFE. I wanted to install it on my computer once it came in, but now I can't. Also, can't find code I used originally for my phone, so can't stack the codes either,

  • Jeriel
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    Hello same here, please help i couldn't find the codes i generated in my page.
  • This problem does not go away by waiting. The simple fact is that you took away the possibility to generate freedome codes in f-secure safe before the end of the advertised period, you have many customers here proving this. I myself have four out of five codes unclaimed because of this. And to make matters worse a customer support person from f secure has adviced users (on 30.9.2015)  to wait for the generate code feature to appear back in our safe homepage. It is not customers responsibility to start sorting these things afterwards, especially if we have received faulty information from your organisation. I believe it would only be fair if you provided the missing freedome codes to your customers.


    This leaves you plenty of displeased paid customers, a minority of which have took the time and posted their thoughts on this forum (which is the only place you can get support for freedome). The least you could do is pay attention and not wait it out. I still have some faith left for your organisation and I sincerely hope that you attend to this matter.

  • +1

    I will hardly continue my subscription .This is not the way you should treat customers. First the younited bs and now this with freedome. Smiley Sad
  • Walker
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    I  also don't  remember any mention of the  limited nature of the  FREEDOME  offer associated with MYSAFE.   Tech support said...FREDDOME is included with MYSAFE.     I  " assumed"  that  the  other  "trials"   I was seeing were  unrelated.   Then,  FREEDOME started to work sporadically  in some of my devices a couple of weeks ago.   All makes  perfect  sense now.       

  • fak3
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    Worst thing happened today. I started a chat session and this guy clearly doesn't do his job proerply. See below..


    10:20 AM Connecting...
    10:20 AM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    10:22 AM Support session established with Sethu.
    10:22 AM Sethu:
    Hi, my name is Sethu, and I’m here to help you.
    10:22 AM Sethu:
    Before we proceed further, I’d like to take a minute to go through the information below, kindly confirm that they are correct:Name: Guan
    Email: [email protected]
    Status: Active
    Total Time: 02:19
    Channel: Level 1 English US
    Platform: Windows 7 Google Chrome
    Phone: English
    Country: United States
    Brief description of the problem: Can not generate Freedome vouchers
    Product: SAFE
    10:23 AM Guan:
    Well the product is Freedome but there wasn't an option for that
    10:23 AM Guan:
    I am just trying to find the generate voucher part in my account
    10:23 AM Guan:
    to re-enter the voucher code
    10:23 AM Sethu:
    Thank you and please do take note, this is your case/ticket number:xxxxxx
    10:24 AM Guan:
    since I reset my ipad and need to reconfigure f-secure freedome
    10:24 AM Guan:
    thank you.
    10:24 AM Sethu:
    Where did you purchase the F-secure program?
    10:24 AM Guan:
    I did not purchase it
    10:24 AM Guan:
    I got the free trial sign up
    10:24 AM Guan:
    and with the sign up
    10:24 AM Guan:
    there was a free 3x 1 year freedome voucher code
    10:25 AM Guan:
    there was an option to generate the codes but now it is gone
    10:25 AM Sethu:
    Please visit and post your query on our F-secure Online Community page, where you will be able to find answers to your questions and also post questions of your own. We have a dedicated team of experts to help you. To go to the online community now, please click on the link below:

    To create an account for F-secure community:


    To visit our F-secure community pages:


    Please see the below article describe how to post a query on F-secure community page please click on the link below:

    10:26 AM Guan:
    10:26 AM Guan:
    i found this
    10:26 AM Guan:
    10:26 AM Guan:
    but doesnt work
    10:26 AM Guan:
    because the options on the MYSAFE page
    10:26 AM Guan:
    has been changed
    10:26 AM Guan:
    and Freedome is no longer there
    10:27 AM Guan:
    and I also found this
    10:27 AM Guan:
    10:28 AM Sethu:
    I am sorry Guan, we F-secure online chat support not dedicated for Freedome. Please post your query on F-secure community where our dedicated team will response you asasp
    10:28 AM Guan:
    ok thanks
    10:28 AM Guan:
    10:28 AM Guan:
    that last link I sent you
    10:28 AM Guan:
    was started two weeks ago
    10:28 AM Guan:
    with no result from your F-secure team at all
    10:28 AM Sethu:
    Thank you for using F-Secure Chat. Have a great day ahead. Goodbye!
    10:28 AM Sethu has ended the session.
    Best customer service. 
    Basically the chat went like this.
    Me: Hi I need help with X.
    Rep: Sorry don't know about it. Bye. 
    Me: But...
    He kept telling me to post here for answers but before he even read that there has been no support for the past two weeks he just disconnected. 
    EDIT: Removed Personal Identification Information
  • Laksh
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    Hello Everyone,


    Sorry for the delay in replying to this post.


    Regarding your posts, our limited offer was “Buy SAFE, Get 1year of Freedome for free” offer. Consumers who do not pay for SAFE after the trial period, will be prompted to pay to continue using Freedome for free. Even if some may have abused our offer, Free Freedome Premium with SAFE trial was not offered by us, and it won’t be supported by F-Secure.

  • This is confusing. I paid for 3 licenses for one year. Freedome was included for free. I was able to install it for couple of my devices, then suddenly all the codes disappeared, including those not used yet.

    I tried to contact F-secure support, and they knew nothing about Freedome. Basically, I don't care who is responsible or not, my receipe says "including Freedome". So, where is the feature I paid for?

    Very interesting that F-secure washes its hands, as Freedome is F-secure's product after all.

    My question, who on earth to contact to get my codes back?
  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi VeskuFIN,


    As mentioned previously in this thread, the Freedome campaign (via Safe) was a limited offer which ended by September 30th, 2015. However, I will contact you via private message to discuss further.


    Thank you!

  • Got this solved. Thank you very much Laksh.

  • delion
    delion Posts: 1



    Last summer I got an email from F-Secure that I’m now able to use Freedome on all my machines as part of my Safe subscription (If I use my code to activate the service before 30.9.2015, which I did on one device).


    Yesterday I upgraded my laptop (this is the device I mentioned above)  to a newer windows and when I started to install Freedome, there was no option to reuse my code. Where can I do that? Where can I install Freedome to the rest of the machines that are subscribed in Safe? Cause I was about to install it to my phone and gaming pc too.

  • I have the same situation as VeskuFIN: I have also bought 3 licenses of SAFE for one year and the receipt clearly states "includes F-Secure Freedome". I have no access to the used codes and no way no generate more.

  • Mikajo
    Mikajo Posts: 1



    I have also bought Safe+freedom 1 year subscription for 3 license. I have only use 1 freedom license. How can i get code for my another device?

  • So @Laksh, any plans on solving the same problem as VeskuFIN for other paying customers?

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello All,


    The code for the Freedome campaign cannot be re-used anymore as the campaign has ended. The Freedome campaign (via Safe) was a limited offer which ended by September 30th, 2015. The codes will continue to be valid (if you have purchased SAFE) for a year on the already installed device with Freedome.

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