How to post?

by F-Secure on ‎20-01-2014 01:34 PM (4,631 Views)

To get the most from our Community, please take note of the following tips on when and how to post.



  • Check the “Sticky” topics (when available) at the top of the board.  The most commonly sought answers can usually be located here.
  • Search and Browse. The Search field allows you to find answers both from the Forum and from the Knowledge Base!
  • Check the “Recommended Content.” At the bottom of each thread, you will see a 'Recommended Content' section.  This cleverly links to other threads that may be relevant to your current issue.



  • Post in the most relevant board.  It is to your advantage to post your topic in the relevant board, so that it may be responded to more quickly, and by those with knowledge/interest in those areas.  Misplaced posts may receive a delayed answer while waiting for a moderator to manually move the thread.
  • Start a new thread.  Posting in a thread that already has a solution can make it more difficult to get answers.
  • Describe your problem in detail. Where applicable, please provide:
  1. The name and version of the F-secure software you are using,
  2. The Operating System and service pack related to your request,
  3. Type of hardware used (more relevant in mobile related questions),
  4. Relevant (error) logs and screenshots where you have blurred private information from them.
  • Protect your identity!  Please remember that this is a public forum, and is available to anyone to view.  Therefore, you are strongly advised not to post personal details such as phone numbers, email addresses, or security / subscription codes, as this could lead to your privacy being compromised.