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This is actually two wishes. One is a timeout if a password is copied to the clipboard. Restore the clipboard to what it was before after a specified timeout period. The most important one is to make it also configurable how long it takes before Key requires you to enter the master password again or even disable this completely.

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    Same here, these are idea suggestions and should be posted here:



    You don't have to re-post them there. A moderator will move them for you tomorrow.

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    Hi jtbworld!


    Thanks for your suggestions about our new product!


    As mentioned by NikK, I've moved both of these posts to the Idea Exchange board, so that Community Members can vote on the ideas they find the most helpful and desired.


    I will also forward these to a F-Secure Key product manager Smiley Very Happy


    // Chrissy

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    If you're copy pasting password from Key, it should delete the contents of the clipboard after a period of time. However it does not restore the contents that you had on the clipboard before. If that's not working for you, please let me know the device and operating system where the clipboard is not wiped. We could check if that set up is having some problems.


    Improving configurability has been requested as peoples preferences vary quite a lot. -Such as for the timeout value for locking the screen and requesting master password again. We are likely to have that in the future releases.


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    Closing this as already offered as this issue is peculiar to this user.

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