Browser extension leaks memory

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F-secure browser extensions cause memory leak. I had over +1.1 pids and most of them were fs_key_NativeM. PC uptime was 1 day. I shutdown all the programs and the OS wasn't freeing any memory. I had nothing extra running at the time of screenshot.

Now that I disabled the extensions from all browsers my PC runs fine and I have no memory issues even with PC uptime 2 days.

Browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Edge. I use them all daily.

Just to let you know. Something you might want to look in to.


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    Hello @NoDuels

    Thank you very much for your post and bringing this phenomenon to our attention. We will want to take a closer look and investigate this.

    The diagnostic data from our program on your device will be very helpful.

    In a private message on the forum I will send you instructions on how you can generate a file with diagnostic data.

    Please check your inbox on our forum.

    Best regards.


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