F-Secure Total VPN blocks Mac Magic Keyboard Touch ID

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I have a problem with Apple Magic Keyboard Touch ID and the reason to it seems to be VPN. Touch ID rarely worked when the keyboard was in BT-mode. It works fine when I connect it to my Mac mini with a cable.

So I called Apple support today and they gave me a few things to try on it. First one was to disconnect my VPN. So I tried it and lo and behold, Touch ID started working on BT. The person at Apple didn't tell me if the problem occurs with all VPNs nor if it is something in the keyboard firmware, macOS or F-secure VPN. Im using MacOS 14.5, F-secure is the latest for Mac 19.6 and firmware of the keyboard is 2.0.6.


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    Hello @MFleksnes

    We welcome you to our forum and thank you for your post.
    You are the first person to report this problem to us. Our technicians have decided to investigate this problem and determine the cause. We are currently in the testing phase of Touch ID on different devices and with different versions of macOS.
    We will keep you updated on the results.

    Best regards


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