License and account sync problem?

_Janne Posts: 2 New Member

I renewed my license for F-secure total, and for some reason i cannot install it on any devices. Logging in and reinstalling the software does nothing, and the "My F-secure" correctly claims in the top bar that i have 358 days remaining in the license, and 3 free licenses.

Is there possibly a bug in the software or in my account that might be causing this?

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  • CarolinaC
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    Hello @_Janne ,

    thank you for contacting us!

    With your email address I was able to find your invoice for the last renewal and your account. The purchase was made correctly and the payment was also successful. For some strange reason, your account was not synced with the newly purchased subscription. I have reset your account and you should now see the new license in your account and be able to release the license for other devices. Try downloading the installation file again and let me know if the problem persists.

    Best regards! :)


  • _Janne
    _Janne Posts: 2 New Member

    Also for some reason, i cannot remove licenses from existing devices! I can only rename them. Has anyone else stumbled upon a similar problem?