Multiple Windows users - FS Protection login not accepted on others but the main user


I have multiple user accounts on my Windows 10 computer. I have fs protection acting normally on my "main" Windows user account.

However, when I log in as another Windows user, fs protection requests for login. When I enter correct login, it says I am already logged in and continues to warn me that I have to login for the full protection.

I do not want to set up another device, but have fs protection be logged in also on this other Windows user account. How to achieve this?



  • Firmy
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    Hello @Reblo

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community. Thank you for your post.

    We've received other reports of the same issue.

    Could you please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, as suggested in this discussion Please let us know if that fixes the issue.

    Thanks, and have a great day.

  • Reblo
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    It doesn't help to solve the issue to reinstall the app. What else can I do?

  • clairette
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    Hello Reblo !

    I hope you are still safe.

    I had a strange thing me ;

    I have got FSecure total on my pc and Fsecure told me that I could

    not connected with my own count fsecure ; but i am regurarly hack

    me. So I delete and re-install windows 10, now it's okay.

    Maybe, you should;

    Try, and come here, what's it happen.


  • Ville
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    You are automatically logged in on the Windows/Mac account that you install from. If you locally switch to another Windows/Mac account, the product will ask you to login to use all feature. These features are not usable without login: Password Vault, ID monitoring, Family Rules. These features work without login: Antivirus, Browsing/Banking protection, VPN.

    If you don't care about these features, then you can select "Do not ask me again" and dismiss the notification to login. If you want to login, you have to create a child profile or a sub-user account in FS Protection portal or during the login flow, you can't use the same account as you used for installation.

    Hope this clears it up.


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