Alternative limits on device screen usage. As an addition to the daily use limits and bedtime.

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there is a reference to a feature request about related subject: Limt use for children / parent control — F-Secure Community

At least, one. But perhaps more has been suggested. I, sadly, after a quick look - did not see them.

My Feature Request.

-- design Now:

  • we can set daily usage limits (say eight hours);
  • we can set the bedtime (say, from midnight to eight in the morning);
  • we can do it for weekdays and weekends;

-- Proposed design:

  • add a custom alternative and addition to sleep time limits (mainly);
  • let's say we can choose/set two or more custom limits per day (say, in addition to bedtime; make lunch time from one p.m. to two p.m. or so intervals);
  • by this way, we can limit daily usage (no more than eight hours of screen time, for example) as before - then make sure some sleep time is chosen (as possible before) - then limit usage during lunch and homework time. And other than that - it is possible to use those eight hours a day freely.

So to speak, it can be like a custom hours for a child. Specifically. Maybe someone sleeps during the day (in addition to the evening-night time). Or someone is engaged and practiced in rosemåling, just specific hours. And so on.


Arbitrary calculation: from ten in the morning to six in the evening is eight hours. there is even earlier than ten can be (let's say from six in the morning) and later than six in the evening (let's say until midnight) - this is already ten hours extra. that is, by limiting usage to breakfast time or homework, it still remains possible to fit into the full use of allowable hours. Therefore, I do not see it would be any significant obstacle for the child. You can still have fun without wasting time on devices during busy (other more important things) hours.

Addition to feature request:

  • make some default profiles. make it easier for parents to choose and customize according to common sense and best intentions. no need to think and plan how to make the child feel good and be with common sense while limit him - just choose a profile and that's it. one or two profiles that will satisfy the general needs for such a task. if not good enough - an adult can make and choose/edit any on their own.
  • alternatively, it is an option for daydreaming. not only night sleep / bedtime. but some "relax" during the day. because.. why not. If so, it will be 'part of' bedtime limits (say, still bedtime limits - but just with two variations / options per day).

Other considerations (but to be honest - I never tried to check this thing and see how it works):

  • Currently (as I think), daily limits for kids profile are unique for each device. Meaning: we can use eight hours on mobile, eight hours on desktop (if daily limits in Profile is eight hours). Just as described in this feature request:
  • So, it is nice if limits can be applied to profile and shared across devices (or with an option to set up limits for each type of device - mobile or desktop).


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    somehow tags are not working for me.

    so, feature request is about:

    -- F-Secure app, F-Secure Total, F-Secure Internet Security, F-Secure Mobile Security.

    -- Parental Control, Family Rules, Daily time limits, Bedtime settings.

    -- Android, Windows, at least.