Limt use for children / parent control

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Im a parent of a 10 year old. And I have an idea for developing the parent control . Namely the limit access. My daughter is in school until 14.00 in the afternoon. I want to limit her use off the internet and games on her phone while she is in school. Because I don't want her to play games og watch youtube movies while in school. She can do that in her sparetime. 


But as it is at the moment I can only limit her acces from 18.00 til 12.00 (noon). 


My wish (along with the rest of the parents in her class Smiley Happy ) would be that we can 

a: choose within the hole day and not just the evening and morning (meaning all 24 hours limit acces)


b. the possibilty to limit different intervals during a day and weekend. For instans

21.00-8.00 evening workdays

8:00-14:00 morning/noon and afternoon workdays

and a differnet time interval in weekends


c: turning it around and telling the system when to be OPEN insted of closed

14:00-20:00 weekdays son-thurs

08:00-21:00 Weekends fri-sun

Thereby making it possible only to use the phone in her sparetime


This would be a huge improvement in parent control for small children whom are not able to "control" them selves and their use/needs. 


from a parent group in Denmark - we hope to se the improvement in the nearby future Smiley Happy