Usage time per device and child

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I think one of the most common problems that today's parents face is that their children can spend too much time in front of the screens. Sometimes the child has several devices with screens, such as both a mobile phone and a computer. When the child is not allowed to use one of them any longer the child just goes to the next device. It would therefore be ideal if F-Secure's family rules could include a counter of usage time both per device and per child (on all devices registered on that chlid) and if the parent could also set limits on this per day or per week. If this is not already possible, I suggest you add this functionality in a F-Secure product that is applicable to families.


  • Ukko
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    A very good one and logical feature request! Since there is no "vote" button - I will place this reply/comment as a vote up. Just as a very neat idea, which should be.. at least.. reviewed.

    Also, I want to add - that this feature can be an optional. If parents want to use:

    • current design: each device has its own 'limits";
    • better design: all devices (for one profile/kid) with global 'limits';

    they could choose which to use.

    Also, if there are 'global limits' for entire set of devices in one child profile: maybe, good to make it more complex and allow to set up different time limits for type of device (mobile or desktop).