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After settling the payment for F-Secure Software online, I got a confirmation but no code!

How I will get this code for activation? Strange organization.

No possibility to contact selling administration. It's not worth to discuss in a forum. But where else?

Thanks for some delighting ideas.



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  • zaimazmi
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    Hi @Thomas_47

    Thanks for reaching us at F-Secure Community.

    I have checked your email and I can see that you purchased new F-Secure Internet Security.

    For your information, the new F-Secure Internet Security doesn't require you to use a code to activate the subscription. It is an account-based subscription.

    However, upon checking your email, I found that your email is already registered with an F-Secure TOTAL trial account which will expire on 27/4/2023.

    In order for you to activate your new F-Secure Internet Security, you need to create an account from the email you received after placing the order. But since your email is already in use for the existing TOTAL trial account, it wouldn't be possible for you to create a new account using the same email.

    Therefore, I would suggest you delete the trial account first, and after the account has been deleted, you can proceed with the new account creation from the email Cleverbridge that was sent to you.

    Hope this clarifies your query.

    Stay safe and have a nice day!


  • Ukko
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    // well, there is already a reply for you above. :)

    sorry for mine.

    It's not worth to discuss in a forum. But where else?

    You could try web-chat there: Contact support | F-Secure (if available on the moment).

    After settling the payment for F-Secure Software online, I got a confirmation but no code!

    Most of current F-Secure solutions with dropped requirement about any 'code' as such.

    If web-chat is unavailable - could you describe your trouble a bit more. For example,

    • which solution is purchased.
    • where (official F-Secure website, other online shops, offline shop / retailer, or another way).
    • what is the trouble point now, where code for activation is asked.

    Can you also check that any (other) letters not in Spam folder?


    // follow-up: usually, the trouble is 'confirmation email' receiving (I did not receive confirmation email after creating F-Secure SAFE, TOTAL, ID Protection or FREEDOME account - F-Secure Community)

    Sorry for my English!

  • Thomas_47
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    Thanks all of you to try to help me.

    First I will contact F-Secure by chat. It's to complicate to delete an account and restart a new one. Possibly the server will not accept the same mail address. In my account I have the possibility to enter the activation code and change from test phase to a fix duration of validity for some computers. To connect my order with my account. Normally it is done automatically.

    This is what I will ask and it's a very usual procedure.

    Time to say goodbye.

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