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I am using a trial version of F-Secure SAFE and have some problems. Listed an overview of these here on this help Forum, hoping to get advice or suggestions about the next step(s). Besides a response from a moderator and my reply to his questions, I did not receive any suggestions about what to do next.

I understand, it is how a Forum work and that is fine, however I assume that there is a way to get F-Secure support outside of this Forum. The moderator who responded wrote that F-Secure does not have email support, but offers chat and phone-call support.

What I found on the F-Secure site is that there is phone-call support, however only during business hours. In The Netherlands this is between 09:00 - 15:00 on Monday - Friday.

With reference to chat support the (Dutch) F-Secure site indicates that I can chat with an expert by clicking the chat button on the bottom right.

However there is no chat button on the bottom right when I visit the (Dutch) F-Secure support site. Probably because this button is only available during business hours and I can only visit the site outside of the business hours.

Please tell me how to get, besides this Forum, F-Secure support outside business hours.

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