ID PROTECTION reinstall issues

Hi, I haven't really used this part of my F-Secure protection package but today thought I would start. It prompted me for a Master password and after a couple of failed attempts, I realized that whatever I set it as originally, I'd forgotten.

I went to the Support webpages and located the instructions on how to proceed. I have a MacBook Pro running the latest release of Ventura 13.0.1. After following the instructions to remove the app and data using the Terminal commands, I downloaded the app from the website and ran it.

It's reinstalled but after the initial screen which says Start Using ID PROTECTION, I get nowhere. I click on that button and am taken to a screen with the word Activate above a white rectangle. Briefly an animated circle appears in the middle of the rectangle. When it disappears, nothing happens. So I'm unable to activate the reinstalled ID PROTECTION application.




  • WestCoaster
    WestCoaster Posts: 2 New Member

    Sorry meant to attach these screenshots for your reference

  • zaimazmi
    zaimazmi Posts: 3 Moderator

    Hi @WestCoaster

    Thanks for contacting F-Secure.

    Based on your issue, may I know if you have tried to switch to another internet connection while activating your ID Protection? If not, I can suggest you switch the internet connection and reactive the ID Protection.

    Alternatively, you can redo the new installation again by removing the existing program using our tool instead.

    You can get the tool from this link. Download the Uninstallation Tool for Mac.

    Make sure you need to choose "To remove the program and program data", and redo the new installation for ID Protection.


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