Mac shows 50% power consumption of the Safari addon

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I noticed a  power consumption of 50% on the "12 hour charge", but I have never seen a realtime consumption over 2-5%.

Otherwise the German spelling bug while scanning is still not solved since the version 18.0:

If necessary I can also send the export of the F-Secure Support Tool and the export of the analysis of the task of the screenshot.

Otherwise, I'm using the MacBook Pro 14 from 2021 with M1 pro (8 Core and 16 GB RAM).


  • ArthurVal
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    Hello, @Ektes!

    Thanks for the report! That's indeed not expected. Could you please run Support Tool and share the output in private messages with me? It's better not to share it publicly here in this thread. We will check if we can detect any clues there.

    Regarding the German misspelling. As far as I can see, the translation has been adjusted according to your recommendation in 18.1 release. But it seems that there is a slight issue with the current layout in the scanning UI. We will investigate and fix as soon as possible.

    Best regards, Arthur

    Mac R&D Team

  • Ektes
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    Hello @ArthurVal

    I just have sent you the file in the private chat.

    Best regards

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