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Downloaded F-Secure total yesterday and found out it seems to be a good protection. So I chosed to pay for a 1 year subscription. But, there were no discount made. The homepage offer 50% discount first year, on my bank account a full withdrawal was made, 100% fee.

I got no discount. 😳

How can I get a refund with 50%?


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    Hello and thank you for your replies. I have solved the problem.

    I bought the license within the app, and got no discount. I had to cancel my membership, buy a license from the website. Then I had to remove myself as a customer, uninstall all apps since they were still in a tryout mode.

    Then I had to create a new membership using the same email address. Then download the apps again and install them.

    A lot of work to get the discount and the apps working. 😅


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    Sorry for my reply. I am also only an F-Secure user.

    It is possible that the problem lies in the fact that you first used the "trial" period (or started it) - that is, you created an account. And then you decide to take advantage of a promo offer, which also most likely involves creating an account - but with the help of a certain routine and maintaining the 'right way of parameters' of the promotion options used.

    So, when you started the actual checkout (when you chose to pay for a 1 year subscription) - was it also about the 50% discount? Or, remembering this offer on the main page, you considered that it would be applied? If so, maybe something goes wrong and promo offer was not associated with this promotion at the time of account creation (trial).

    Anyway, Contact support | F-Secure - you could try to contact their official Support Channel (phone call; or browser-based web-chat) to sort it our for your wish.

    (SWE-localized): Kontakta supporten | F-Secure

    Alternatively, official F-Secure moderators and community managers will be able to help, probably in the coming days by paying attention to your topic.


  • Jaims
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    Hi @Katarina_Karlstrom65

    As I can see on your purchase reference, you were charged half the price of the amount listed in your message which shows that the 50% discount was initiated on your purchase.

    Kindly refer to that purchase receipt and do let us know if you need me to resend it to you.

    Thank you.

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