Bought 1year / 5devices - but what now?

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I already tried to reach someone on the German and English customer hotlines. Unfortunately, they're extremely busy, so I try here additionally.

I used the 30-days free trial yet, which initially asked me to create an account (let's call it account A).

I am happy with F-Secure, so today I decided to purchase a 1-year non-recurring package for 5 devices. I did so, and received email confirmations of my Paypal payment as well as a confirmation from F-Security, including an invoice.

But what now? When I clicked on "installing now", a website opened with a notification, letting me know that it's not possible to use that purchase with my already existing (trial) account A. I should create a new one. So I did that, using an alternative email address, let's call it account B.

But no matter which account I log in to now - both A and B tell me only that a trial is running:

Account A shows me a few remaining days (as I was using that trial account already); B tells me 30 remaining days, as I created that second account newly today after being told so. But in none of each account settings/info, I can find anything about my subscription from today.

No matter if I click on "subscriptions" or "purchase history" (not sure how these sections are exactly called in the English versions, as my account language is German), there can nothing be found in both accounts A and B.

I also cannot find any license key or anything similar on the invoice I received.

So my question is: How to proceed now? How can I activate the (already purchased) one year subscription on the five devices?

Maybe I just missed something. But whatever the reason - I'd be thankful if anyone could help.

Kind regards


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    Hello @Jaims,

    thanks for trying to help.

    Maybe you mixed something up, because I am not identical with user WinTux who just also tried to help with recommending the support chat. ;)

    But anyway my problem could be solved this morning. I reached someone on the support hotline.

    It turned out that my original account had wrongfully been "duplicated" anyhow when I purchased the one year package. The lady on the line told me that there were two identical accounts with the same email adress: One that I could log in to, but only showing the trial - and this account's duplication with the same email address, containing the one year subscription.

    The lady transferred the subscription to my original account and deleted the duplicated account as well as the one I had intentionally created after being told so (account "B").

    So finally, here I am with one perfectly working account, and I already could install the software on various devices successfully. :)

    Best regards



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    Best thing to do at this point is to use F-Secure's Customer Support Chat function which you can find on their website.

    That way you can have Customer Support confirm the status of your newly made or renewed purchase.


    The Penguin 🐧

  • WinTux
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    I tried to open up F-Secure's Customer Support Chat on their website during their early office hours. It was continuously loading with nothing happening.

    Maybe F-Secure fired all their Customer Support workforce. 🤷‍♂️

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    Hi @DraxX

    Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Community.

    As I can see, the email address used on your Community account is the same email address used to setup an F-Secure SAFE, 7 device subscription with many devices already in use. I could also see installations dated back to February 2017 but I am not able to see any other account unless you want to provide us (in private message) the email addresses for those trial accounts. 

    You may as well delete the trial account provided you can confirm that you can see on the top right of the account that you have 30 days or less left because the account I saw has over 320 days left so this is the main, paid account you should be looking at.

  • Jaims
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    Hi @DraxX

    Thank you for the confirmation and sincere apologies for the mix up.

    I am glad that you are now able to identify the correct account with the paid subscription and the trial is now completely isolated.

    Our Community is here as a medium where your questions can be answered by us or our ever ready-to-help users.

    Aside to @WinTux kindly clear the browsing data of the affected browser and try to access our live chat again. Whenever all agents are busy, you might have to wait for a while for the next available agent but our live chat support is 24/7. You may want to refresh the browser at intervals until you find someone.

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