I have bought F SECURE total, and cannot get reactivate ID protection . What am I doing wrong?!

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I have bought FSecure total, but my ID app doesn’t recognise it, and keeps asking me to resubscribe - very frustrating!

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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user.

    Just to re-construct your situation:

    • originally, your experience was about F-Secure ID Protection (as such) with pinned to this solution My F-Secure Account.
    • then, you purchased F-Secure TOTAL package (F-Secure SAFE + F-Secure Freedome + F-Secure IDP). Maybe with creating another My F-Secure Account.
    • or, maybe, you bought "code" which tried to redeem with F-Secure ID Protection - but application does not recognise it.

    Is it so? If not, could you bring with clarifications about.

    Anyway, could you also add where you tried to use it. I mean, which platforms / devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android).

    In general, maybe you need to be sure that your F-Secure ID Protection is connected (related) to your F-Secure TOTAL subscription (and its My F-Secure Account / email). Also, good, to keep backup of your F-Secure IDP entries by "export" them to .fsk file before any tries to troubleshoot further.

    Actually, the most helpful step is to contact their direct Support Channels. For example, web-chat: Get support for your F-Secure products | F-Secure

    Support Agents with an ability verify purchased code (subscription) and to suggest what can be wrong with 'recognition' by F-Secure IDP. Alternatively, to help with unifying your My F-Secure accounts.


    // KB article: How can I install and take ID PROTECTION into use from my F-Secure TOTAL package? - F-Secure Community

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