Tools / App and file control <-- Can't access to this function. What do I need to do?

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I can't access to Tool / App and File Control function. I would like to make my on settings / configurations to files and folders, but when I click App and File Control I get a popup window which asks me do I want to allow F-Secure to make to make changes to this computer? There I answer YES and the popup window dissapears but after that nothing happens!?

What do I need to do to get access to App and File Control? What settings / configurations I need to change in Windows 7 (Professional) to be able to make my own adjustments to files and folders with your application?

As far as I understand, I'm allways logged in as Administrator on my computer. Or how do I check it? There are no other user accounts.

This I already read but it was no help:

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    I already used the uninstallation tool and made clean reinstallation because this procedure was suggested elsewhere and now everything works. Thank you for your answer!

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    Oh, and about the UAC settings... I did try earlier to move the slider down to "Never Notify" but it didn't help in this case.

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