id Protection and Macbook Touch ID log in

Is it possible to use Macbook Touch ID to log in to my id Protection? This would improve the user experience significantly as I would not have to enter the password every time I want to access my vault.


  • SethuSethu Posts: 642 Moderator

    That’s a great idea, @Munkki ! I really like your example of how this particular feature would come in useful to you. 

    However, at this moment, we do not have any plans to develop Touch ID fingerprint option to unlock ID Protection on Mac. 

  • K_PK_P Posts: 6 New Member

    I’d like to like Id Protection, but from usability point if view competition does it better. Big thing (at least for me) is the touch id function with mac. Instead of typing quite long passphrase I ca simply use my finger print to access the vault. Same good usability as with the phone.

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