id Protection and Macbook Touch ID log in

Is it possible to use Macbook Touch ID to log in to my id Protection? This would improve the user experience significantly as I would not have to enter the password every time I want to access my vault.


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  • Cale
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    Hi, I'm sorry to say but it will still take some time to get the touch ID support. We are going to make a complete overhaul to the mac client (like we did with the PC client) and that work will take quite long time. After it's completed, we'll continue adding the much requested features.




  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 687 Forum Champion

    That’s a great idea, @Munkki ! I really like your example of how this particular feature would come in useful to you. 

    However, at this moment, we do not have any plans to develop Touch ID fingerprint option to unlock ID Protection on Mac. 

  • K_P
    K_P Posts: 45 Enthusiast

    I’d like to like Id Protection, but from usability point if view competition does it better. Big thing (at least for me) is the touch id function with mac. Instead of typing quite long passphrase I ca simply use my finger print to access the vault. Same good usability as with the phone.

  • Munkki
    Munkki Posts: 9 Observer

    I think that this is yet again a very unfortunate outcome. F Secure clearly does not have enough resources to take its consumer facing products forward based on user feedback. I noticed the same issue with  iOS 12 password autofill coming to F-Secure KEY where something that was coming in weeks' time took five months to deliver. In my humble opinion, F Secure has such a strong brand and is one of the few companies, if not the company, that I would trust to look after my data. If I want to do this however, I have to make huge compromises on things like user experience. I wish F Secure would see the value of becoming the beacon of data privacy for consumers.

  • Lucaseuropa
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    Hi @Munkki !

    In addition to the previous answers, I encourage you to share your thoughts in a similar post (and to upvote it 😉) from our Feature Requests board here.

    This function has already been implemented on iPhones and iPads that comes with Touch ID function, as you can read here, however not yet on macOS computers.

  • Munkki
    Munkki Posts: 9 Observer

    Any update team? Are there any plans to develop this functionality?

  • ardey
    ardey Posts: 1 New Member

    Any news about Touch ID? My subscription is ending soon and I would like to know before I renew it.

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