Touch ID for MacOS desktop version of F-Secure Key?

SchroederSchroeder Posts: 1 New Member

Could you please implement Touch ID to unlock F-Secure Key on the MacOS desktop version?

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  • K_PK_P Posts: 28 Explorer

    I am also looking forward for this feature, so hopefully it gets high enough on the development roadmap :)

  • MunkkiMunkki Posts: 7 Observer

    Me too!

  • K_PK_P Posts: 28 Explorer

    Any news on this feature? At the moment the lack of Touch ID support on Apple laptops is big usability issues compared to other similar products, and makes me to lean towards competition.

  • MunkkiMunkki Posts: 7 Observer

    Any update team? This would be great to have!

  • K_PK_P Posts: 28 Explorer

    There must be other people in addition to me and Munkki who would love to see this feature implemented :)

    Would be great to have so word from F-Secure if this is on the roadmap or not. Then it would be clear of one should move on, or keep waiting.

  • Black_adderBlack_adder Posts: 2 New Member

    Lacking this feature prevents me using ID Protection as macOS usability suffers gratly. So definetely a vote for this.

  • K_PK_P Posts: 28 Explorer

    Hi F-Secure, any information on this one?

  • K_PK_P Posts: 28 Explorer


    This feature request has been here for over year now. Would be nice to have any comment from F-Secure if this is going to ever be implemented, or if there is any reason why it has not been considered?

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