bbc iPlayer is blocking my f-freedom VPN

I live in the Netherlands and want to be abIe to see abc player. However after I haver changed my location to the UK and checked the registration with the BBC iplayer the VPN is blocked. I have re-installed the VPN but still the iplayer does not work. Can you give me the right instructions?


  • bryan441bryan441 Posts: 31

    Please try this following steps,

    1. Switch it off and back on
    2. Use a browser instead of an app
    3. Restart your browser
    4. Clear your cookies
    5. Update your browser's geolocation data.

    I think it might help you.

    Bryan Anderson

  • PjurjenPjurjen Posts: 7

    Thnks I will try this .

  • BeavermanBeaverman Posts: 8

    This worked for a little while, but does not work anylonger.

    Looks like something is able to find our true location. When is Freedome going to fix this problem. It is ongoing now for quite a while. Result is that Freedome is of no use at the moment.

  • PjurjenPjurjen Posts: 7

    Yes but are there better options? Other vpn providers who do a better job?

  • Mr_GMr_G Posts: 2

    Seems BBC have sussed the London Location of Freedome VPN. Looks like Freedome is going to have to be more flexable in future. I used cmd prompt and insterted "ipconfig/flushnds" to no effect. cleared the browser too on Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome. Hola doesnt work either!

  • PjurjenPjurjen Posts: 7

    Thnks. Hopefully Freedom can solve this problem soon.

  • Dingle1rDingle1r Posts: 1
    edited April 13

    When is Freedome going to fix this issue. It is continuous now for a long time. Result is that Freedome is of no utilization right now

  • PjurjenPjurjen Posts: 7

    Yes but I a.

    I am curious to know if there are other providers, who have a better solution to this problem.

  • 2460124601 Posts: 1

    Same problem here. Not working on mobile or PC. Have cleared cookies and history, tried incognito and edge. Nothing gives. Can @f-secure update the London address if it has been blacklisted?

  • PjurjenPjurjen Posts: 7

    I agree. They need to find a solution for this problem.

  • BeavermanBeaverman Posts: 8

    Have everybody in Freedome subcome to the Coronavirus or just to an over consumtion of that rubbish beer Corona?

  • AndreyRAndreyR Posts: 1

    Still not working for iplayer. I hope that they fix this quickly as this is the only reason for having the VPN and so if they cant get this right then I will cancel and go elsewhere.

  • EJHEJH Posts: 1

    Ditto to all above. Very frustrating. My subscription is up in July.....

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