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Yes, another thread about this.. 


How do I go about turning off the renewal nag screen?  I have F-secure SAFE with 7 licenses, 6 of which are in use, and I get to be the lucky one to explain what it means to family members of various technical ability every time it shows up - every day, on every licensed device, at least once per day..  


Is a little "don't show this again" checkbox that hard to implement?

Or do you just want to make sure I switch to something else less naggy next time, because its little things like this that makes me look elsewhere..   


  • Ketora
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    neither of said links provide a solution to getting a nag screen on every boot, re-logon and at midnight, no matter what else is running in the foreground. 


    This is not acceptable behavior of  so-called anti-malware software. 


  • [Deleted User]
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    Dear @Ketora 



    Sorry for the inconvenience, 


    They best way to get rid of the pop up, is to renew your subscription.







  • F-User9
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    NONE of those are solutions. That is a total FAIL, DawidFS.
    Provide a way for users to turn OFF the daily unwanted NAG NAG NAG, or you will be losing MANY customers forever.
  • F-User9
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    The "accepted" solution posted by F-Secure is a joke, and is NOT a solution. There is NO way to turn off the nags, which they admit. Their 'solution' is to renew 30+ days early, or to open a (useless) support ticket. This is NOT a solution!


    Why they do not provide a way to turn OFF the unwanted, unnecessary, and idiotic daily nags is a mystery!  I will NOT be renewing  F-Secure, as a daily nag that I cannot disable or opt OUT of is equivalent to MALWARE. Every day and every time I reboot or connect to the Net, F-Secure is blasting me with idiotic renewal messages.


    NO MORE!  Everyone, if you want relief, you'll have to move on to a different company -- one that is smart enought to NOT nag their existing customers, and which LISTENS to common sense and its customers.

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